Expat service

Complete service for all your home affairs

Expats are often not aware of Dutch laws and regulations. This makes buying or renting a house a complicated process for you. RE/MAX Gildenhof's expat brokers understand that. They are happy to guide you throughout the entire process. As a specialist in expat services, we also provide services such as financial advice, mortgages and home insurance. This means that expats are completely unburdened for their housing affairs in the Netherlands.

Expat experts

The expat brokers of RE/MAX Gildenhof are happy to help you with the purchase or rent of a suitable home in the middle the Netherlands. They have a lot of experience with the local real estate sector and work together with parties who can help expats. You can count on services from companies that are familiar with the specific regulations for expats, mortgage advisers, the embassy and international schools.

That's why RE/MAX Gildenhof

Expats who chose RE/MAX Gildenhof were particularly impressed by:

Different languages ​​- Our expat brokers speak English, Dutch, French, German, Hebrew and Turkish.

Local knowledge - In addition to Utrecht, our expat brokers have extensive knowledge of housing markets in the central Netherlands.

Guidance throughout the process - We look at everything necessary for a pleasant establishment in the Netherlands.

Brokers as experts by experience - Our expat brokers were once expats themselves and know exactly what you need to settle in the Netherlands.

Broad network - Our expat brokers work closely with parties who know laws and regulations for expats.

Our services

Our expat service consists of the following parts:

  • Buying and selling mediation
  • (Rental) mediation
  • Financial advice and mortgages
  • Home insurance
  • Appraisals
  • Architectural inspection
  • Full service and complete unburdening
  • Expat agent for expats

Our pillars

We look at the whole picture for your location in the Netherlands. Our expat brokers distinguish themselves with:

  • Thinking out of the box
  • Ownership
  • Full service
  • Available 24/7

Get in touch

Do you wish to know all about our expat services for your relocation to The Netherlands? Please get in touch for more information. Call 030-7210678 or e-mail to gildenhof@remax.nl

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